Who’s There? – Production Photos


Who’s There? – Shoot Complete

A BIG thanks to all who helped us on the “WHO’S THERE?” shoot which wrapped last night after a very long and epic (grueling) night. Despite having the ‘minor’ set back of having to recast a lead actor just hours before shooting on night 2 and then only having the replacement actor for one night (and not the intended 3) we managed to pull it out of the bag. So our eternal thanks to Ian Meehan for stepping in and doing a fantastic job with zero prep.

As always Lloyd Fitzgibbon did a great performance and so did Andrew Murray. Epic thanks to Christopher Brennan our Producer and his very awesome and understanding girlfriend Verena for the use of their lovely apartment. Massive thanks to Rebecca Massey and Graham Newcombe for their patience and attention to detail. Also big thanks to Aoife Sweeney, David Olof Svedberg, Maurice C. Kenney and last but by no means least Richard Bolger. And finally, get well soon Jeff Doyle! You’re not off the hook that easy, we’ll definitely do something down the road. End Scene.